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Lahakat HaNahal

Lahakat HaNahal (The Nahal Band or the Nahal Entertainment Troupe) is a military music troupe known for its Eretz Israel songs. Founded in 1950, it has become an integral part of Israeli military culture. It was the second major band to be founded in the State of Israel after the Israel Defense Forces Orchestra. In the early 1960s, there were many changes in the band, especially in the musical production. The accordion was joined by percussion, as well as brass and wind instruments. In April 1978, some songs by the band; as well as some people that were once in the band; were featured on The Band, a comedic musical film about the band in 1968 during the War of Attrition. The band has also been featured on the Israeli telenovela HaShir Shelanu. The band has made multiple albums, including From Nahal With Love (1966), The Nahal Is Coming (1967), and The Twenty One Program (1969). Many Israeli singers and entertainers began their careers in Lahakat HaNahal, among them Tuvia Tzafir, Neomy Polani, and Gidi Gov.