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Accessibility Declaration

We see great importance in making tavisraeli.co.il accessible to people with disabilities and making it comfortable and easy for everyone.

This site was built accordingly to site regulation level AA.

Here are some of the measures we have taken to enable excellent usability to people with disabilities:

The accessibility tools are located on the upper left part of the website (in the blue icon).

  1. The navigation tools in this website are simple and accessible.
  2. You can easily move between different links by pressing the TAB key, mouse-free, and mark the different elements.
  3. We have maintained a high contrast ratio between the content and the background so that readability is super comfortable.
  4. There is a regular and constant structure to every page on this website, determined by the type of content, pages, and song pages.
  5. Headlines are marked in Bold.
  6. Links in the site are painted in a different shade.
  7. This site can be viewed on any of the popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and can be used in different working environments, such as PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.
  8. You can change the font’s size for better visibility.
  9. You can get assistance from the site’s staff via phone call, texting on Facebook, or the “contact” form.
  10. This site does not perform live meetings, all acquisitions are through the website only!


Despite the great efforts made to provide accessibility to every aspect of the site, including Textual content, headlines, photos, etc.
There might be some parts that are not accessible yet.
In case you have encountered inaccessible content on this website, we would be happy to hear from you and improve it as soon as possible.
We continue to make efforts and improve this website’s accessibility and wish you fun browsing.

Have any difficulties? We would happily assist you, please Contact us